The indelible link between fashion and music

Fashion has always loved rock n’ roll stars from the models down to the fashion directors that cast rock n roll icons to be spokesmen for their brand. Just take one look at the Blond Ambition Tour costumes that Jean Paul Gaultier created for Madonna or how many photographers have captured Mick Jagger. Lately however, the trend of rock stars in fashion is coming back as the fashion industry is starting to toss its models to the side and pick up some good old fashioned rock stars for its catwalks. Some of the latest recruits include David Bowie and Paul Weller.

The best way to describe the new trend is by saying that fashion designers want a craggy look for their designs. For instance, Jamie Hince, aged 45, the husband of Kate Moss is the new face of Equipment, the chic French shirt brand and Paul Weller, aged 55, is the new of the spring/summer campaign soon to be launched by Daks. While 55 is certainly too old for any runway model, the rock stars are actually being sought after for their age and defined faces. Of course, they are also men; which usually means that aging is simply another term for elegant allure.

David Bowie, at age 65, is even being asked to be part of Louis Vuitton’s new November ad campaign as he will croon his love and affection to Arizona Muse as the duo wonder through a costume party together. The catwalk is also seeing rock star love as Tom Ordell performed live as part of the Burberry autumn/winter show and Alex James and Gary Kemp walked out on the catwalk with the models at the London Collections: Men Oliver Spence show earlier in the month. Apparently, rock stars never age proving fashion is limitless.


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