The never ending battle of the plus sized woman

Plus-size women like fashion just like anybody else, but the high street is slow in catching up. Crystall Renn started the trend when she reinvented herself after gaining a lot of weight and reaching a size 16, which is classed in the industry as a plus-size.

She explained that at size 16-18 (20 on a bad day), she has a hard time explaining to blind dates, strangers and online friends that she is a plus size woman. The urban dictionary has invented new terms for Large, such as curvy, voluptuous, plus-size, big boned and full figured. These terms can be rather misleading, and would put J-Lo, who has a nice set of bottom and breasts, in mind.

American Apparel was recently looking for plus size models but what they were really looking for were models whose sizes are between US size 12-14 (UK 16-18). These words don’t really mean anything for a person who describes herself as a size 18 or 20. Dawn French’s size was roughly around that number before she lost weight.

There are also honest terms: large, overweight, fat and big, there is no sugar-coating here. Fat is a word that has been reclaimed by French when she called her autobiography Dear Fatty and Beth Ditto followed by starting the term fatshionista. The word fat is a very harsh word for a lot of people. Crystal Renn mentions that the issue surrounding plus size is a feminist one as the impact is not the same but if women like Beth Ditto and Susie Orbach are coined as one, it is not that bad.

Crystall Renn refers to herself as a bigger gal or a larger lady when she feels playful. On days when she feel depressed, she calls herself clinically obese and tells it to people who are willing to listen.




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