The popularity of all things vintage has pushed up the prices

Vintage clothing, and other vintage items are something that has recently become very fashionable and this is something that has been heavily documented in the media. Many people are beginning to ask the question whether vintage items are something that are going to fall out of favour as people realise that they were available much cheaper just a short time ago, and they have only become more expensive because they are fashionable now.

For example, with vintage furniture, many items were available on eBay for less than a pound and now they are selling for £60 and above. It was originally the case that people bought second-hand furniture in order to restore it because they could not afford to buy new. Now people are not buying this furniture because it is cheaper, but because they like the old look of it. It is still possible to find good deals on vintage items but the popularity of it has made this much more difficult.

One of the many appeals about vintage clothing and furniture is that the items are from the past which people typically associate with having higher quality. In recent years however, because people are demanding more vintage items, the term has come to encapsulate anything that even looks old. This can mean that the items being purchased are not good quality, but have simply been artificially distressed in order to make them look vintage.

Oxfam is a charity that has been taking advantage of people’s demand for vintage items. They recently introduced a special vintage section onto their website which allowed people to look for older items. Since doing so, the website have seen their sales increase around 400 percent. The charity recently announced that they have had their highest ever sales week, turning over £4000.

On the back of the success, Oxfam have launched a special store in Manchester which is designed for selling just vintage items. This shop is called Oxfam Originals and it is only selling items which have been confirmed to be old, and not just replicas designed to look older than they are.


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