The rise and rise of Jessica Light in British fashion

Jessica Light created her own fashion label back in East London just a few years ago with the idea of creating some unique tassels and trims. She realised that there was a large gap in the market for her items and decided that she would enter with a splash by breathing new life into it with bright colours and new materials.

Light decided that the best way to approach the matter was by starting up a handmade bespoke service, and now as one of the last trimming weavers left in England she has found great success within the fashion world creating some high quality pieces for her clients.

Light first studied textile design at Trent Polytechnic and then was told she should contact passementerie specialist Wendy Cushing. Cushing trained Light while on the job, leading to Light creating some fashion jewellery for designers such as John Galliano, Christian Lacroix, and Thierry Mugler. At the same time she also started working on fringing and was even able to fringe some pieces of the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

Every day at work is different for Light given the fact that every job she books is different from the last one. In between creating bespoke pieces she takes time out to create her own collections as well. Some of her most recent creations have been made out of some very unusual materials including yarns, netting, paper, and leather.

In addition, she has even made tassels out of elastic and string as well as doll heads. This helps to ensure that every design makes its own personal statement. Light draws inspiration for her creations from every angle of her life citing museums, books, architecture, and films to help spawn her ideas. She likes to mix her ideas into one so that her work does not become too literal when it comes to crafting.


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