The style of Anne Hathaway

Every time Anne Hathaway makes an appearance, the average person goes green with envy. Besides being beautiful in a delicate way she has a flawless style. No model shows off a long red gown in the same way as Anne Hathaway.

She has never had any difficulty choosing her outfits for the many Hollywood functions she attends. Her wardrobe first came to people’s attention when she paraded outfits in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada.  Her off screen dressing became noticeable during this period as well.

She wears delicate feminine dresses with assurance and the clothes do full justice to her statue like figure. Her numerous bright red and sequined fishtail dresses and strapless gowns ensure that she stands out in a crowd and should be taken seriously.

True to form, Anne, who looked even more stunning, wore a Valentino designed silver and white dress to the White Fairy Tale Love Ball. This floor length skirt was edged with shimmering sequins. The best accessory was her tiara, custom made by Stephen Jones.

Despite her portrayal of unattractive characters on the film screen, similar to her latest part in One Day, Anne Hathaway has come a long way looking every inch the fairytale princess with her ethereal looks.


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