Valmont la Boutique spa in Taipei

To fans of high end beauty products, the name Valmont la Boutique will be no stranger, for those who aren’t aficionados this is one of the premier spas found within some of the top hotels in the world. They reside in the Hotel Le Meurice, Paris, the Hotel Les Airelles Courcheval, and also have a presence is Verbier and Taipei, their latest venture.

Their aim is to give their clients the best quality products possible, all within sumptuous surroundings. Their range of high class jewellery and watches, which are only available from their outlets, are highly sought after amongst the rich and famous and have become status symbols in their own right.

To celebrate their latest opening, they have released a short video which epitomises everything that the brand stands for. Asking which is your beauty ritual, it gives a glimpse into the world of Valmont la Boutique, starting with their spa in Taipei, and taking a look at the products on display, and images of the official Taipei opening.

We are then treated to images of their spas within the continental hotels, each named so we know where we are. We visit, in turn, Verbier, Paris and Courcheval, taking in the various beauty products, jewellery and exquisite accessories that have made Valmont one of the premier names in the field of luxury goods. A trip to the website gives you a further inside into this world of unadulterated luxury, and you can also purchase goods while you are there.

If you never get to France, Switzerland or China, the website is a doorway into the world of Valmont, and all that it offers. If you are a lover of luxury items and indulge yourself in good things in life, or are looking for a gift for that special someone, Valmont is the place to go, as there, quite simply, is nowhere quite like it.


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