Vodafone reveal handbag that will charge your mobile phone

London Fashion Week is sponsored by Vodafone, but it seems as if the company are not satisfied with merely sponsoring the event. They have recently worked with the designer to create a very fashionable bag that also acts as a mobile phone charger.

The bag has been designed through collaboration with Richard Nicoll, the British designer, and it was revealed on Monday as part of the designers winter collection for 2012.

About the design Mr Nicholl has commented, “More women today are carrying smart phones and tablet computers than ever before and the need for a stylish carrying option is more pressing than ever. I wanted to create a product that uses technology and fashion, thanks to Vodafone I’ve been able to bring this idea to fruition”.

The bag charges itself by using magnetic induction so users don’t actually have to plug it into anything. Once the bag is fully charged, users can pop the smart phone or tablet device into it and attach one of the cables inside. The power in the bag will be able to supply about two days of extra energy to a smart phone.

In addition to the charging facilities, the bag has a small LED light on the outside which indicates to the wearer when they are receiving a call, message, or other notification. The bag is made out of leather and while it may not be to everyone’s taste, it is certainly convenient and will appeal to some.

Danielle Cook is the director of brand marketing at Vodafone and she has commented, “This bag is perfect for fashionable women who want to remain connected when they are on the move. We expect that in the near future another collaboration will be made which will result in the introduction of a similar bag for men.”


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