Will meggings ever really take off?

This is, supposedly, the big new trend for men but how do men really feel about stepping out in leggings? The general consensus is that the majority of men would consider wearing them under pants or jeans in the winter as a form of underwear to keep warm. Another factor to consider is that how many men actually have good enough legs to pull them off as a stand alone fashion item?

Some may argue that this rule should also apply to women as we often see girls in the street in leggings that can only be described as a crime against fashion, but the thing is that women have worn leggings for eons and they are a staple winter item worn under a pair of UGGs. We aren’t used to seeing men in something that grips the legs so tightly, and those whose knees seem to be on non speaking terms due to the space between them should avoid them like the plague.

Another thing that seems to irritate the men of Britain is the name, why do leggings need to have a gender when we all have legs? Despite this and a few other gripes, the fact is that according to the press they are the next big thing, and the Telegraph has gone as far as to say that they are taking the male fashion world by storm. That may be stretching it a bit but the young and uber trendy who have to be seen in the latest craze, however ridiculous, are buying them in shed loads.

Nordstrom and Uniqlo are two of the big names brands who are stocking them in the UK, and the Boy London brand of meggings are selling like hotcakes at Selfridges, who reported that their first consignment sold out in less than a week and they have had to re-order them 5 times since.



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