All your night time niceties courtesy of John Lewis

There was a time when many women’s night time routine consisted of work clothes off, comfy tee shirt on and into bed. Nowadays, however, things are very different, and even single women want nice nightwear and to go to bed in a really cool bedroom. It’s a well known fact now that the more comfortable your bedroom is the more conducive the surroundings are to a good nights sleep.

Putting together a dream bedroom, that is both chic and fashionable, isn’t difficult when you know where to go. If you want to revamp your bedroom, or are moving into a new home and want to put your stamp on your boudoir, you can get everything from pillow cases to onesies at John Lewis. They have everything you could possibly need, bar the paint, to create your own little space that is only yours.

This isn’t as expensive as it sounds either, as John Lewis has built their reputation by selling top quality items at affordable prices and if you don’t have a bricks and mortar store close to where you live the excellent website allows you to purchase everything you want in just a few clicks. So that luxurious mattress you have been searching for to guarantee the sweetest of dreams can be yours on no time.

Once you have put your room together you will want to upgrade your nightwear to do your new bedroom justice. Whether you want to slip between your Egyptian cotton sheets in a silk chemise or a cosy pair of fleece jim-jams then you will find them all in the John Lewis nightwear section. At prices and sizes to suit everyone, there is no better place to give yourself a collection of night wear that you won’t want to get out of in the morning, and can’t wait to get back into at night.

If you want socks, robes and even an eye mask to complete your ensemble then you can find them all right here. There are also no less than 55 different kinds of slippers on offer here, and that’s just for women, and when you see the prices chances are you will treat yourself to several pairs for every occasion; from getting out of the shower to chilling out watching television.

While other high street favourites have gone to the wall during these tough economic times, John Lewis have not only kept their heads above water but have actually seen sales increase year on year. Their ability to move with the times and keep delivering what their customer’s want, at prices they can afford, has kept them at the top of the game.

Price match offers are nothing new, let’s face it all the supermarkets are doing, but did you know John Lewis also do it on a massive range of goods? If their competitors have something on special offer they will match the price, and these deals can be viewed on their website. So if your nightwear is more nightmare, and your bed is pretty much dead, head to John Lewis to bring back those sweet dreams.


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