Aurora Fashions welcomes new Paypal mobile payment system

Aurora Fashions, the fashion company that is behind Oasis, Coast, Warehouse and Karen Millen, has struck a new deal with online payment processor PayPal that will allow customers to use the PayPal app on their mobiles to pay for purchases, instead of pulling out their wallets when shopping at their retail stores.

There are hundreds of stores under the umbrella of the Aurora Fashions company and now each of them will allow customers to pay for their items with mobile phones instead of lining up at a checkout line and using either a card or cash to pay for their purchases.

The actual process behind checking out this way is simple, and most likely will save a technologically savvy shopper quite a bit of time since it will help them get in and out of the stores quickly. In order to take advantage of the system all a customer has to do is download the PayPal app onto their mobile phone and tap in the security code when they are ready to use it.

Once the code is entered a barcode is displayed on the screen of the phone that will stay up for ten minutes. Then the customer simply finds a shop assistant that uses a barcode scanner to scan the barcode off the mobile phone and the barcodes off of the merchandise that the customer wants to buy. Automatically, the amount of the purchase is deducted from the PayPal account and the customer is on their way.

This is the first deal that PayPal has struck with a British retail chain, and they have faith that it will work out well as they have projected that by 2016 people will be shopping on the high street with their mobiles instead of their wallets.



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