Debenhams Christmas made fabulous

Everyone has their favourite part of Christmas; the planning, putting up the decorations, buying the presents, every bit has a special meaning for someone and is the key factor to getting them well and truly into the Christmas spirit. It could even be something as simple as seeing a child’s face light up when they see a Christmas tree, or seeing a pile of gaily wrapped gifts beneath it.

For some, it is visiting their favourite store, although they will visit it all year round, the transformation it goes under for the festive season is the trigger to that feel good factor, and for millions that shop in Debenhams. This doyen of the high street creates a magical Christmas experience for all who enter, and their new video for their Christmas advertising campaign gets this message across the perfection.

Under the banner of Christmas made fabulous, we see a woman in a Debenhams coat taking a trip through a town and everyone and everything she sees is another piece in the jigsaw that goes to complete the picture of a perfect Christmas. She sees clothes in shop windows, girls going out in Debenhams party frocks and a group celebrating on a balcony, all adding to the general feeling of goodwill that comes at this time of year.

As she gets on a train we catch a glimpse of designers at work and on the train a man is wrapping a handbag. When she gets off the train it starts to snow and as she reaches her home a tree lights up and then the entire outside of her house does the same. These are her Christmas moments, and by following the link at the end of the video online you can share yours with Debenhams to be in with a chance of winning some great prizes.


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