Fancy dress fabulous

Girls will be girls and dressing up will never lose its thrill. Fancy Dress has amused females for generations, and the whimsical little girl inside is always up for a bit of fantasy fun.

Fancy dress is quite common practice these days and you’ll often spot groups of people dressed as neon fairies or famous superheroes meandering gleefully through the city from bar to bar. But this isn’t a modern concept; the origins of fancy dress seem to date back to the 15th century in the form of the masquerade ball. These were generally extravagant dance events put on for upper class members of society. The standard form of disguise was of course the mask, and these were meant to hide the identities of all of the guests. This would turn the event into a kind of amusing game where costumes became more creatively and elaborately designed in order to successfully fool other guests at the party.

Well, times have changed a little since then; it’s not only for the upper class, and costumes can range from intricately designed masterpieces to even just a silly hat. The evolution of this dress-up craze has resulted in companies producing high quality, mass-produced costume party gear for any occasion. This is great news for anyone who has ever been invited to one of these events with absolutely no idea what to wear. When odds and ends in your own wardrobe won’t do, the sky is the limit when it comes to the amount of weird and wonderful costumes that are available to us at the click of a button.

Girly Night Out provide costumes specifically for girls. Whatever your imagination can come up with, they probably have it, offering a wide range of showy stunners that will most definitely steal the limelight. A classic option would be the range of Alice in Wonderland costumes. These include everything from a figure flattering tutu dress, to the white over the knee socks and even a miniature top hat. Or if you were feeling a little more quirky or daring, you could go for the mad hatter costume, or even a sexy version of the white rabbit. Another option would be the Pink Ladies or 50’s inspired costumes. With headbands, leggings and over-sized bows to Frenchy wigs and Pink Ladies dresses, you’ll have the party singing songs from Grease in no time.

Girly Night Out introduces a brand new range for 2011. If walking like an Egyptian is right down your alley, a hot favourite is the Queen of the Nile costume. This includes a beautiful sheer dress with gold trimmings, an ornate gold headdress and gold arm cuffs. And to really make this stunner stand out in the crowd, you can add the false eyelashes, gold metallic face paint and shimmering instant tan lotion.

The 2011 range also includes costumes for burlesque beauties, sexy gladiators, saucy pirates, serious swat officers, little miss muffets and even mermaids. Visit Girly Night Out to find just the dazzling disguise you’re looking for.


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