Finding perfect women’s jeans

It would be great if there was a scientific formula for finding the perfect fit when it comes to womens jeans; it would also be great if jean styles lasted forever so that you never had to choose another brand once you find the perfect fit.  Of course, every woman that has ever hit the high street can tell you this idea is just a dream and that finding a pair of women’s jeans that actually hugs their curves in all of the right places is a struggle to say the least.

Half the trouble is that unlike men’s jeans, women’s jeans come in standard sizes that assume all women are proportional in terms of height and weight.  The problem with this is quite evident to every woman in some way or another: those on the shorter side find that if they are not tiny waisted they have to go with longer jeans to get them to fit while those with on the taller side with smaller waists end up with high waters instead of full length jeans.  Of course, the introduction of additional sizing options such as ‘long, regular, and short’ have made finding the perfect fit a little easier, but still not perfect.

This is because outside of length and waist problems, every woman has a different body shape, which means that the perfect women’s jeans varies from woman to woman.  For instance, those with wide hips, broad shoulders, and a large bottom will find that boot cut straight jeans and flared jeans will balance out their figure nicely spreading out the curves of their body instead of making them look top heavy and out of proportion.  On the other hand, straight cut jeans from the top down are great for petite women since they make the legs appear to be longer, especially when paired with heels.

Outside of worrying about the cut, when it comes to choosing the perfect women’s jeans you also need to consider what type or rise will best fit your waist.  Looking around or in any fashion magazine will tell you that super low jeans have been the fashion fade of the last decade, but for those with a high waistline or some excess fat in the middle this is a disastrous choice.  Instead, choosing a pair that fits below the belly button will help create a smoother figure and make you look better.

Finally, after you think you know the perfect women’s jeans for you should take some time to properly try them on.  This means more than just slipping them on in a changing area, but actually walking around the changing area to see how they fit while walking and sitting down in them to see how plaint they are to your body as it changes position.  You should never purchase a pair of jeans on impulse for the best results because they are meant to be worn on a regular basis and you want a pair that you love to toss on, not dread squeezing into.


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