Harpers Bazaar fashionable sportswomen

When the BBC were putting together the shortlist for their sports personality of the year award they may well have overlooked some of the finest sportswomen in the UK, but Harpers Bazaar have made sure that they don’t make the same mistake. The January issue of the fashion magazine is dedicated to the hopes of the GB female team in the 2012 Olympics.

Louise Hazel, Francesca Halsall and Victoria Pendleton will all be national role models come 2012, and teach us that both discipline and a competitive spirit are about much more than turning down a second helping of that delicious dessert. Before all that however, Harpers’ make sure that they are subjects of envy due to their stunning outdoor shoot that shows of their athletic figures and previously unknown passion for fashion.

Victoria Pendleton, the cycling gold medallist from the last Olympics, to describes her perfect pins as the main tool of her trade, is pictured wearing a white, billowing pleated dress, a la Marilyn Monroe. Her accessories are sky scraping orange stilettos and a few gold bangles.

Louise Hazel is a London born heptathlete and Commonwealth gold medallist who admits that her idea of a perfect romantic evening is to go to a boxing match with her boyfriend and heckling like a builder. She is shown wearing a flowing gown in pale blue.

Francesca Halsall, the swimmer who won an Olympic silver medallist, appears in an image with a sunset backdrop and looks much more mature than her 21 years. She makes the most of her extravagant gown by pulling it up around her face.

All three admit to being shoe addicts who have a penchant for a luxury weekend at a spa, and yet they all spend the majority of their time pushing themselves to their absolute physical limits to make sure that they all make us proud next summer. They don’t see laying off the alcohol and early nights as any kind of sacrifice however, as asVictoriasays, its just a way of life now.


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