Latest women’s swimwear

Tatum SwimsuitOne of the most exciting seasons for women who like to show off their fabulous bodies is summer given the fact that it is the only time of year when it is socially acceptable to strip down to very little while tanning or bathing on the beach.

Regardless of whether you are on holiday or simply heading out into the garden for a little sun, the warm summer sunshine offers you the chance to wear swimsuits and bikinis that show a little skin or a lot of skin depending on what your personal comfort level and style is.

Despite this excitement, for some women shopping for women’s swimwear can be a nightmare because they are unsure of what type of swimsuit will show off their body the best and what trends are in at the moment that demands to be followed.

After all, when the point of the season is to show off what nature gave you, choosing the wrong swimsuit and becoming a fashion victim is self-defeating.  This is why taking a moment to look over the latest trends in women’s swimwear is necessary before purchasing any new swimwear for the beach or an impending holiday.

This year graphic prints are very popular on all types of swimsuits from one piece suits to bikinis.  In the same way that large colourful prints have been dominating the dress and gown market, this is also a great style to shop for when it comes to beach cover-ups.

For those that are used to dressing in more neutral professional tones, this is the year to experience the vibrant colours of the beach that are emulating in many of the hottest swimwear styles.  Therefore, the more colour on your suit the better the finishing result.  Plus, as a bonus sharp, bright colours will help bring attention to you, which is after all the point of dressing your best while out in the sun.

In terms of style trends, cut-outs are very popular this year.  Designers have included a variety of cut-outs in all locations this year in order to create more sultry asymmetrical suits that draw the eye.  For those that may not be as comfortable with this overt display of sexuality, there are also many chic and modest cut-outs that offer solutions to those that want to show a little skin but not so much that they are uncomfortable while on the beach.


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