The Joys of Knitwear

When you hear the word knitwear, what does it make you think of? For me it says winter, granny’s knitting and itchy wool. But this is perhaps an unfair presumption, especially if you look at the range of knitwear at Joe Browns.

Women’s clothes are a part of the market that will always sell well. Whatever we do, and wherever we do it, we still need clothes. Knitwear is one of those essential clothes categories that we tend to over look, even if we know we need a new jumper. This is because we feel it is boring. How wrong could we be?

Joe Browns cardigans and knitwear is beautiful. They have jumpers, cardigans and dresses that are to die for. One of the nicest items however is the waterfall poncho.

This poncho is a subtle grey / brown colour, a kind of colour that goes with all complexions and matches nearly every other item in your wardrobe. Definitely a good start! It is a cotton mix fabric that has been knitted and drapes with a waterfall effect.It has knitted folds all down the front which effortlessly accentuate any female figure. Although they are folds, they do not look anything like creases so they could not be mistaken for you having not hung up your poncho. They are obviously the feature of this garment.

To finish it off it has petite tassels that frame the bottom edge of the poncho. They are not too large, which eliminates the Pocahontas look, and provides you with a sophisticated and subtle, Wild West look.

This poncho can also be worn all year round. It can be slung over layers and layers of jumpers in the winter, and it can be worn over a little summer dress when the chill of the night materialises. It is very versatile, as is knitwear in general. All the garments at Joe Browns can be worn all year round, with the right accessories.

Women’s clothes is not a boring subject, and nor is knitwear. There is so much out there, so have a look and find your ideal look.


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