Be A Rockstar with Paco Rabanne Black XS

Fashion brand giant Paco Rabanne aren’t know for doing things by halves, and their launch of the Black XS range of fragrances is no exception. They are collaborating with Universal Music to create an exclusive music platform called Be A Rockstar, which gives you a truly unique and interactive experience of what life is like being the subject of the love and adoration that real rock stars get from their fans.


The great video to accompany the campaign is a fast and furious montage of shots that show the excesses and thrills of what life is like both as a male and female rock star. Interspersed with messages flashing up the screen such as be pretty, be good, be discreet and be excessive, the thumping rock beat in the background perfectly complements the images flashing before your eyes, and there are random shots of rock legend Iggy Pop thrown in for good measure.

By going to their new Be A Rockstar website, you get the chance to be right there, living the life of a rockstar, through brilliant camerawork and interaction. Your face is superimposed onto the shaggy haired rock star, your name is up in lights, and you push through the crowds and sign autographs on the crazy route from stage door to stage that rock stars make every night to perform for the adulating public.

If you have ever longed to know what life is like as a rock star, this gives you the most up close and personal glimpse into that lifestyle than ever before. There is also the chance to take part in the madness that is the aftershow party, and rock on with fellow stars and fans alike. The website also gives you exclusive access to new music and artists, and there are also competitions throughout the website to win great prizes such as tickets to gigs and fragrance.

Get your mic and your webcam ready for a trip into the crazy world of rock n roll, make your own video and upload, and live life as a rock star.


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