Essential Fashion Tips for Surviving Transitional Weather

Autumn: the season of transitional weather. It’s not too hot, not too cold, then suddenly it’s both extremes at once. It can be confusing to know what to wear when the weather is having a bigger identity crisis than usual. That’s why we have put together this sartorial survival kit for autumn.

  • It’s the most obvious thing to do, but how do you layer without looking like a human onion? Should you leave the door with your bulky oversized winter coat or wear a knitwear jumper over a sleeveless turtleneck? The art of layering requires a fine balance and there is no right answer. One key piece that is essential for any wardrobe is a quality cardigan that you can easily slip over your existing summer wardrobe and slip into your bag.
  • That 70’s look. If you haven’t noticed it already, the 70’s look is all over the high street for Autumn/Winter 2015. Say hello to pussy-bow blouses and glam rock shaggy fur coats. The great thing about the 70’s look is that it lends itself well to dressing for transitional weather. Sleeveless waistcoats, light long-sleeved blouses, sophisticated polo necks, and skinny scarves are great for easing you into the winter months without overheating you in the process.
  • No layering look is complete without the right accessories, and Autumn/Winter 2015 trends are full of fun possibilities. Skinny scarves, bobble hats, and oversized spectacles are just a few of the accessories that are hot this season. Wear a skinny scarf with your summer dress and pair it up with a snakeskin purse. If you’re feeling bold, why not try a pair of opera-length gloves with a sleeveless blouse? It’s also the time to start buying tights: sheer tights are now back in, so grab yourself a pair and wear with your favourite dress or skirt.
  • Keep your current clothes in good condition. It’s a great time for digging out your warmer clothes from last year, but before you throw your old clothes into the wash for a refresh, make sure you take note of the laundry symbols first. The easiest way of wrecking clothes is by not following the instructions, and it’s easy to dismiss old clothes as unwearable and worn. If you have difficulty telling the difference between a synthetic and cotton wash symbol, swot up with this guide on laundry symbols. Likewise, if your winter jacket or long-sleeved shirt is missing a few buttons, your best friend is a needle and thread.
  • Ankle boots. Alas, it’s painful parting with your summer sandals. But the good news is that you can now take out those comfortable ankle boots that you’ve been hiding away all summer. They will keep out the rain and the cold during crisp, woodland treks and you will still being able to wear them with a summery dress and tights. If you’re after a new pair, lady loafers and chunky ankle boots are a great way of avoiding soggy feet while keeping on-trend.
  • One for men. With a chill in the air, it’s the season to start growing a beard, if you don’t already have one. Not only does a bit of fuzz keep you warm, but it’s also a man’s best fashion accessory. Unfortunately maintaining a beard isn’t as low maintenance as we would like to think: whether you’re after a professional power beard or full-on hipster beard, a quality beard trimmer is a must.

Dressing for transitional weather can certainly throw a lot of challenges our way. But it’s also full of fun possibilities for layering, accessorising and enjoying the season’s latest trends. So, with our knowledge on laundry symbols and our layers ready, we say: roll on autumn!


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