Frizzy Hair Control – fight the frizz and tame your hair

Frizzy hair happens to the best of us, whether the cause is natural, heat induced, weather related or collateral damage from chemicals or split ends. Dry hair or lack of moisture in the hair is the most common culprit causing frizzy hair. Whatever the cause, the good news is, frizzy hair can be at the least tamed, and at most, banished completely!  Having a frizzy hair day is no longer an excuse to stay at home, follow these tips and you’ll be frizz-free in no time!

Start with a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, that way your hair will be moisturized from the inside out.  Shampooing more often than necessary will dry out your hair, stripping it of natural oils. Play around with stretching out more time in-between shampoos. Try a no-poo shampoo to add instant moisture to your hair or a dry shampoo for a quick and easy alternative. A dry shampoo will boost volume, add texture to the hair and give you a quick hair fix for a day or two. There are lots of good ones to choose from, but the key to all of them is that . . . less is more! Too much product will make your hair look dull and feel stiff or gunky!

A weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning treatment will be your best friend in fighting the frizzies! A deep conditioning treatment or masque should involve heat of some kind, which opens the cuticle letting the conditioner work it’s magic by penetrating into the hair shaft. In the salon, you’ll spend about 20 minutes  under the dryer, followed by a cool rinse to close the cuticle layer. To DIY at home, try plastic wrap or a shower cap and apply heat from your hair dryer; take a break periodically, wrapping a towel around your hair to hold the heat in. Leave it on for 20 minutes or more and finish with a cool rinse. You’ll love the results!

A leave-in conditioner will help your hair in more ways than one; it’s a moisturizer and a quick defrizzer. Towel dry hair by  squeezing rather than rough drying, which will cause hair to frizz. Use an emulsify conditioner in hands and apply from mid-shaft to ends. Rake through with your fingers to break up snarls then use a wide tooth comb to finish.

Protect your hair from heat damage.  Heat damage will cause your hair to become frayed, frizzy, dull and just plain non-responsive to styling. Before blow drying, flat ironing, or curling, always use a heat protecting thermal spray or product and use the lowest heat on your appliances to get the job done.

Give your hair a break from too much heat by altering how you style your hair. You’ll not only save the integrity of your hair, but you’ll add some fun new looks to your repertoire! Try some adorable braids, buns or twists for new looks and optional ways to tame the frizz! I love my Goody Simple Styles Updo Pin for about $7 at department stores.  These two pins securely hold any bun in place and you’ll have a smooth wavy style, with no band marks, when you let it down. For extra frizz control, try an anti-frizz creme or a light oil before putting into an updo.

Trim your hair regularly, keep it conditioned and well hydrated for healthy, shiny hair and to banish frizzy hair forever!


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