Google Glass already considered a massive failure

Ever since its inception, Google Glass has received negative reviews—with many people saying that anyone who wears it will look like a dork. Google glass is a wearable computer being developed by Google, which aims to display information just like the smartphone, but in a hands-free manner.

The design may still need some tweaking, as in the September 2013 issue of Vogue, they featured fashion models wearing futuristic clothes with their faces framed with Google Glass. The models looked like characters in a science fiction movie, with far-fetched looking architecture in the background.

The opening spread had “THE FINAL FRONTIER” written in all caps. The tagline says “Beyond the blue horizon like a futuristic vision of fashion – a beautiful minimalism tailored for the brave and the bold.”

Below the big bold tagline is a smaller blurb that explains what people are actually looking at—a coat by Oscar de la Renta worth $4,490, a black leather turtleneck made by Gucci, and a Michael Kors leather belt and gloves.

Readers instantly detect this as a gimmick, or an attempt to lure people to believing that Google Glass is a sophisticated form of technology fitted for the high class.

To most regular people, this type of advertisement doesn’t cut it. In fact, pairing Google Glass with beautiful and extravagant types of clothing makes people notice even more how dorky Google Glass looks when worn. This time, we can say that Google has failed.

However, it’s too early to say that. Since the product is on the development stage, there is still so much room for improvement. Perhaps Google can take another look at their design and make it look a little more appealing and sophisticated. After all, if it is to change the way people use technology, then it has to be good enough for people to accept this change.




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