Move Over Little Black Dress: The Little White Dress Has Arrived

Grey may be the new black, but the little white dress is replacing many a black counterpart when celebs walk the red carpets.

Unstructured, lacy overtones gathered cheekily at the waist by bold belts and delicate chains war with the traditional little black dress for cocktail hour. Sleeveless styles are common to accommodate the summer heat, and light shawls with elegant drapery lines keep the air conditioning at bay. Kelly Rowland has the height and style sense to wear this particular style with finesse.

J Lo, on the other hand, seems to prefer to make a bolder statement with her form-fitting, little white numbers. Her curves accent Versace designs well, and one number she wore recently lent a chic accented front of mini-pleats circled outlined in shiny silver. Her sleeveless, little white dress matches her sometimes-shy, sometimes-bold celeb personality.

Jennifer Hudson joined the little white dress parade in a magnificent full-sleeved, sculpted dress reaching just below mid-thigh. The faint ribbing that follows the line of the dress from sleeve to hemline shoots this figure accenting smoothness into the stratosphere of fashion approval. The dress spotlights her terrific figure—it should; it’s form-fitting, you recall—and the hemline above the knee allows her great legs the attention they deserve. Her exotic look with skin tone and hair colour are magnified by her little white dress.

Ellie Goulding with her light complexion and platinum hair continues an almost ethereal look in her little white dress. Lace, lace and lace adds to the fairy look, and the pointed hemline with its frilly end line is simply fantastic for Ellie. The scoop neckline and the capped sleeves finish the garment with a hint of a carefree, whimsical attitude.

The ever-beautiful Charlize Theron was just the person to spotlight her feathered little white dress. The mid-thigh hemline showed off her legs very deservedly, and the low but straight neckline gave full attention to her shoulders. Worn with a rolled-sleeve blazer that heightened the sheer drama of her white number, no jewellery was needed beyond a basic watch—with black band as an additional, coordinated accent.

Naomi Harris liked her little white dress with the long sleeve, plain neckline and tapered hemline. Many dresses this season have a longer back than front, but Naomi’s dress borrowed a more elegant line from older styles. Her mid-thigh hem lifted from left to right across her body, following the slanted line of the three tiers to her dress. The first fell just below the bustline and separated the upper body from the midriff. The second tier ended just above the right hip to below the left, adding a slimming look, which she doesn’t need, but the tiered look also softens the lines of the dress, which matches her overall appearance quite nicely.

Little Black Dress, move over. The Little White Dress is here and is here with style.

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