Winter Jackets & Fleeces: How ‘Outdoors’ Could Become New Women’s Winter Fashion

In recent years outdoor brands like North Face and Berghaus have seen a rise in women buying their winter jackets and fleeces, in order to be fashionable.

Outdoor clothing was once seen by women as a purely functional part of their wardrobes.  Nowadays however, the options for stylish winter jackets and fleeces are abundant with retailers using a myriad of colours, styles and textures to meet the demands of their female buyers.

Women in the past would typically only own one or perhaps two winter jackets and a few fleeces using them only when they were doing activities that called for clothing of that nature, like for example if they were camping or hiking.

Today however, women are choosing to purchase winter jackets and fleeces like any other fashion items.  Not because of the task they’re performing or weather conditions they’re facing but purely because they want to be fashionable.  Naturally, sales of winter jackets and fleeces has increased with women purchasing several during a season in order to mix and match their winter coats, fleeces and snow boots with other key fashion items in their wardrobes.

Companies like North Face and Berghaus are two brands that have made huge strides in appealing to women’s desire for outdoors styled clothing created for everyday use.

The North Face has had huge success moving into the fashion market with women the world over familiar with the powerhouse brand.  Becoming somewhat iconic in both the minds of female consumers and the industry alike, the North Face brand is considered largely responsible for driving the new outdoors fashion perception with the more well-known items in their range being their stylish winter jackets, waterproof jackets and snow boots.

While ensuring that their jackets are fashionable North Face has also ensured that full functionality has been retained in certain winter jackets, using materials such as the highly breathable material Gore-Tex in a number of items.

Berghaus is another major brand within the outdoors industry also attributed to shaping the perception of outdoors clothing from functional to fashionable. Berghaus also creates a range of winter jackets and coats, snow boots, shoes and fleeces, all appropriate for wearing in and out of a tent!

With this winter described as another freezing affair, retailers have found that forward thinking, fashionable women have already started trawling the shops – both digital and bricks and mortar based – aware that new season trends tend to sell out quickly, particularly in popular sizes.
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