Converse perfect for your feet

When it comes to young men and shoes, only the best will do. They also need to be tough, hard wearing, be the epitome of cool and look good enough to wear any time anywhere. This is a tall order whichever way you look at it, and very few shoes can tick more than one of these boxes, never mind all of them. There is one, however, that ticks them all, and more, and that is Converse, the number one brand with young men.

The brand new Converse denim collection has just been exclusively launched at Footlocker, and to highlight this event a great campaign has been launched entitled ‘Make them Yours’. The video released within the campaign takes this to another level and shows many Converse wearers customising their denim shoes in various ways, and at the same time ‘making them theirs’.

The new Converse collection includes such new and highly anticipated new additions as the Star Reverb and the latest Padded Collar II. These are as comfortable and effortlessly stylish as the rest of the Converse family and are set to fly off the shelves.

The collaboration between Converse and Footlocker should come as no great surprise to anyone as, after all, a combination of the top shoe brand and top shoe retailer is a match made in footwear heaven. Converse and Footlocker go together like fish and chips, or bread and butter, two field leaders who know how each other tick in a competitive environment with success being the result for both.

To see the full range of Converse shoes that can be found exclusively at Footlocker, check out their website and see exactly what all the fuss is about. If you are looking to make a fashion statement, grab yourself a pair of Converse denim shoes, a few felt pens, and really make them yours.


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