Cowboys and Bikers: The Latest Focus of Women’s Shoes

As the fashion world continues to undergo developments the world of women’s shoes has seen a radical transformation over its popular trends. As male celebrities are seen sporting the (arguably feminine) man-bags, it seems that women are embracing their masculinity, with biker and cowboy boots becoming two of this season’s must-have items. So, what else has changed in the world of women’s footwear?

The world of women’s footwear has always been hugely diverse and these new trends simply serve to demonstrate this. Women’s footwear has taken a more practical focus with thicker boots becoming one of the main focuses. With another hard winter predicted, top retailers are leading the way by offering female footwear which is both fashionable and functional. So what types of cowboy and biker boots are available for women? And what should they be worn with?

Biker Boot

One of the major fashion trends of the moment is that of biker boots for women. These are typically mid or long length boots which are constructed from traditional materials such as suede or leather. In muted colours of black, brown and natural suede these items are incredibly versatile and are stylishly practical.

Buckle accompaniments and decorative elements are commonly used throughout this product and the boots will usually use wedge heels, giving them stability. Longer versions of the boot will usually be shaped to fit the leg snugly whilst smaller versions may have a more slouched, or looser, appearance.

Cowboy Boot

Another popular trend this season is cowboy, or rather cowgirl, boots.  Cowgirl boots will typically be shorter in length with a distinctive curved shape at the top. Studding or other patterning will often be included in these designs to make them more stylish and small heels will be another common feature.

With Dresses

Both biker boots and cowgirl boots can be worn in a number of ways, one of which sees them partnered with dresses. Floral or checked prints are the best idea when selecting this option and will create a rustic and elegantly casual look. These outfits can also be combined with thick tights or leggings to add an extra layer and accessories should also be incorporated. Large bags which match the colour and/or material of the boots are always a good idea and long necklaces and earrings are also good options.

With Jeans

For those interested in creating a more traditional look with their new boots, matching them with jeans can be the perfect answer. Combining skinny jeans, boots and plain tops or checked shirts will create a perfect casual look whilst substituting the plain tops and shirts for more elaborately decorated tops will create a great party look. Jeans should always be tucked into boots to create a stylish appearance that is both fashionable and functional.


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