itsNOTFORgirls release The Ultimate Sneaker Guide for 2011

itsNOTFORgirls is the online fashion magazine that brings men’s fashion at its finest. To celebrate the success of their growing Youtube channel, which has over 230,000 views and growing, they have decided to answer the burning question on their communities lips “Do my jeans look good with these?”

The editorial team over at itsNOTFORgirls spent many hours bashing their heads together and came up with the Ultimate Sneaker Guide for 2011 This covers the 3 hottest sneaker brands out right now:

Supra Footwear: Supra Footwear is a skateboard footwear company launched by the skateboarding apparel company KR3W and is distributed by One Distribution. Two of the best known models are Chad Muska fronted by the professional skateboarder and musician of the same name who is best known for his part in the 1998 skateboarding video “Shorty’s Fulfill The Dream” and the rapper Ted Kennedy.
Radii Footwear: Radii Footwear launched in 2008, are based in Southern California. Radii bring a range of sneakers that are packed with fashion, creative styling and opportunity.
Nike Footwear: The general of the sneaker brand can still more than hold it’s own against the young pretenders for the throne.

The itsNOTFORgirls sneaker guide is ideal for those who love urban fashion and want to have a complete overview of the trendiest hightops on the market right now. The editorial team at itsNOTFORgirls focused on key information such as cost, where to get them, a customized rating, plus what and what not to wear with the sneakers.

To read the full guide and get information on what sneaker & jeans combo you should be wearing, check out


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