Steve Madden boots and all

Unless you are an absolute hermit, you must have noticed that boots are the in thing, due to the full on Winter season. Fashion is fickle, so you have to keep your eye on it at all times.

The best designers were dreaming of cowboys and cowgirls when they dreamed up this trend. It’s all set for Fashion Week. The thick heels and buckles galore have swung this trend back into fashion.

The best boots are always from Frye. They do have a wide selection of the western styles already. For a smaller wallet, since this is a trend, after all, try Steve Madden. They are quality leather at a cheaper price.

Assuming you are not a real cowboy, riding a real horse, working in the real dust of the Wild West, you can adorn your boots with leggings, jeans, or a skirt for that knockout cute look of the down home cowgirl. You might in fact have fantastic leggings, but combining them with those butt-flashing shorts of Daisy Duke is not advisable, since we are still deep in Winter.

Try avoiding the extravagant over-the-knee boots. They are just too daring. Even the heelless kind can be over the top. If you do choose to go that direction, you can wear them well over your jeans, leggings, or with a pair of shorts.


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