Back to School Fashions

The end of the summer break is well and truly upon us, and parents across the length and breadth of the UK are rushing around getting all the stuff that their kids need ready to go back to school for the new term in September. Clothes, bags, stationary, you name it and they seem to need it. There are certain places that are synonymous with stylish school attire that every street wise kid will be longing to have in their wardrobes.

H&M, a brand who certainly knows all about style, have released a fun short video featuring a bunch of cute kids street dancing in the new back to school collection from the global giant. The colours are bright; the clothes the very latest designs to give all kids street cred, and the children are adorable. With long sleeved T shirts from only £2.99 in an array of designs, and sweatshirts for £5.99 for boys and £7.99 for girls, there is no need why any child should not look cool this autumn.

Okay, this is not the kind of attire that kids in the UK wear to school, but with so much socialising done out of school, not to mention after school clubs and so on, no child will complain about having to wear a uniform when they have clothes such as these to change into once the final bell has gone.

So now you know what to do to appease kids who are horrified at being dressed in boring school garb after 6 weeks of freedom. Head to H&M for their autumn wardrobe and you will have the most pleasurable shopping trip you can have with your children. The only problem you will have is sticking to a budget as with so many fantastic clothes to choose from you will want to buy them all.


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