Finish Power and Pure dishwasher detergent is kids-stuff

Ads involving kids always make us sit up and take notice. When asked for their opinions and how to describe things the result is inevitably both cute and funny. This concept has been used to great effect in the latest online video for Finish Power and Pure dishwasher detergent. The premise of the product is simple; better than ever cleaning use less chemicals than ever before, delivering fantastic results that are not only hygienic but also more eco-friendly than in the past.

In the video, we see a collection of cute children who are asked to describe first powerful and then pure and then something that is both powerful and pure. The first two throw up some interesting theories, with one little boys idea of powerful being to imitate a monster roaring and another boy declaring that pure is something that is black or white. The combination of both powerful and pure had them stumped however, and none of them could think of anything that covered both together.
From the outset you can see their problem; there are few things that are powerful yet pure, hence the fact that the people at Finish are very proud of their new product. By using pure oxygen in the detergent they have managed to do away with a large amount of the chemicals found in other detergents. This is a great idea at the best of times and the lack of chemicals will appear to all parents who are doing what they can to restrict the amount they use in their everyday products.
A top quality product advertised by kids is an unbeatable combination and is more fun to watch than an ad that just bombards you with information. Everyone knows you cannot beat Finish when it comes to your dishwasher, and Powerful and Pure is proof that these two features can work together.


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