Get a New Look without Spending a Fortune

You can look fabulous even on the smallest budget. All you need is to be creative and resourceful. With the following tips you will be look fresh, fashionable and stylish and you wont have to get into debt in the process, here´s how.

Don’t Pay for Clothes!

This doesn’t mean you should go shoplifting, that’s certainly not chic. In America and Australia clothes swapping parties have really taken off. Gather a group of friends, your work colleagues and family and host a clothes swapping party where everyone can benefit. Its a great way of finding new clothes and getting rid of your old ones, its also eco-friendly!

The more people that come the better it will be therefore you need to invite everyone you know and spread the word. If possible hire a small town hall and set out a table for each guest to lay out their clothes. Charge a small entrance fee if you are opening it up to the young and fashionable in your area (a great way to raise some money to cover costs of the hall and perhaps to donate to charity). Ask everyone to make sure that the clothes are in a suitable condition and that they are washed and ironed. There are then two options for you. You can swap your clothes in return for someone else’s or you can simply take what you want without paying and let anyone else take your clothes for nothing in return.

Mend and Make Do

There has been one great thing about the global recession, which is the return of the mend and make do attitude. Young women are borrowing their mums sewing machine and dusting off nanas knitting needles and taking fashion into their own hands. The Internet is full of handmade fashion blogs and tutorials so if you are feeling creative it is time to make your own fashion and transform your old clothes into something new and fabulous.

Hitting the charity shops and looking for great pieces of clothing that you can alter. Look for great prints and classic styles that will always be in fashion. Once you get them home you have the choice to make simple alterations to ensure the clothing fits like a glove or to use the fabric and make something new.

New Hair and Makeup

Contact your local college and make a booking with the hairdressing students. They are not allowed to work unsupervised and you can get a great hairdo for much less than you would pay a qualified stylist.

Make up can cost a lot of money but you can get away with using cheaper brands of eyeliner, eye shadow and blusher if you know how to use them. The best way to get a new look is to change the way you do your make up and a lesson will teach you how to do this. Most Hair and Makeup Artist offer lessons in make up or will make sure you look incredible for a special event. Learn from the professionals and recreate your new look for less every day.


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