Keeping Chic While Exercising

If you’ve been outside or even picked up a magazine lately, you’ll know that one of the biggest trends of the past few years is workout wear. But although you may know how to rock that pair of leggings and tied T-shirt on a Friday night, how do you keep your outfit chic while actually exercising? From how to decipher laundry symbols to advice on which fabric to choose, this guide will help you put together your perfect workout wardrobe.

Tailor to Your Favourites

Before you get started, there are three key questions you should ask yourself about your favourite types of exercise. This will help you decide how you’re going to dress, as well as ensuring you don’t have any mechanical mishaps – nothing like snagging your T-shirt in an exercise machine to dampen your workout enthusiasm!

  1. How hot are you going to get? Of course, if you’re doing hot yoga, you’re going to want to wear as little as possible, and you may want to invest in a small towel to take into class with you. But if you’re doing gentle Pilates, wear a few light layers so you can strip down and cover up as you heat up and cool down.
  2. What will you wash? Workout gear often takes a pounding in the washing machine, so make sure you check laundry symbols. You may even want to plan washes ahead, meaning you’ll always have the right gear on hand.
  3. How are you moving? For example, if you’re going to a spin class, you’ll want to wear tight, fitted leggings that won’t get caught on the pedals. On the other hand, if you’re doing lots of inversions like headstands and shoulder stands in your yoga practice, you’ll want tops that are more fitted at the waist, so they won’t fall over your eyes and restrict your vision.

Even if you’re just using a pull up bar or exercise bike at home, feeling put together as well as comfortable can get you in the right frame of mind for a great workout.

Invest to Impress

Once you’ve worked out the basics, like how fitted your workout gear should be, think about investing in a few key pieces. Avoid cotton and go for moisture wicking fabrics that will take the sweat away from your body. Some workout clothing also has built in anti-microbial treatments. If you’re a techie, you might want to look for clothing that puts the latest fitness innovations centre stage, like ultra-portable polycarbonate sunglasses or shoes with a tracking sensor that will store your running stats instantly.

If you need to invest in special shoes for a sport like rock climbing, think about the rest of your workout wardrobe before you buy them: although the fire engine red pair might be calling your name, will they look good paired with your predominantly green and purple clothing? The same goes for the rest of your outfit: mix and match your items so that you have an idea of what will go well together, and avoid purchasing anything that won’t work with the rest of your workout gear. If possible, try on the outfits instore, as workout clothing sometimes runs slightly smaller than other types of clothing, and you really do need to be able to breathe!

Having fun with fashion means you’ll no longer be using the excuse ‘I can’t – I have nothing to wear’ – at least when it comes to the gym.


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