Top tips for great wardrobe maintenance

Looking good is important. It makes you feel great and gives you the confidence to do whatever you want to do. There are lots of ways to look good, from buying the best home-beauty products to getting the latest fashion items. One of the easiest things you can do is wear great clothes. But great clothes need great looking after. There’s no point investing in beautiful pieces that are going to get stained, fall apart or lose their colour. That’s why maintenance is so important for fashion.

To help you get started we’ve put together four top tips on maintaining your best fashion wardrobe. From buying the right fabrics to proper stain removal, it’s all covered below.

Buying the right fabrics

This may seem obvious, but whether the fabric of your latest skirt will wash well is very rarely the first thing you think about when buying. It is easy to spend lots of money on clothing before realising that you don’t have the facilities, time or inclination to maintain it properly. That means it will  just become dirty quickly and then be of no use to you anymore.

To get around this common mistake, always check the label of new fashion items before you splurge out on them.  Remember to only go for those things you’ll be able to maintain and leave any other items – however pretty they might look – on the aisles and shelves in the shop.

Washing correctly

Right, this is a big one. Washing clothes is always important, but washing them correctly is even more so – and you’d be surprised how many people don’t understand the difference between the two!

Make sure you separate those clothes that can be washed in a machine and those that need a gentler hand wash. Always separate colours and whites to avoid dye from one item affecting another (remember that red dye can be particularly prone to bleeding so try and wash new red items on their own a few times before introducing them to a normal machine load).

Importantly make sure the detergent you use is appropriate for the type of fabric. If you have a beautiful silk scarf then make sure your soap is silk-approved (meaning it’ll be kind enough to remove any dirt without affecting the fabric itself) and remember to adjust the temperature too.

Drying thoroughly

Drying is often an overlooked part of clothes maintenance but is almost as important as washing itself. For one, clothes that are washed well and dried badly will simply need to be washed all over again so it’s important to get this right to avoid wasting time, energy and resources.

In general, avoid drying things by machine wherever possible. The intense heat and pressure used in dryers can often damage more fragile fabrics so let nature take its own time whenever possible. Also, be sure not to hang up precious fashion fabrics like wool and cashmere when drying. This can cause fibres to sag and thus stretch the expensive material. Instead, dry them flat by placing them on a clean, dry towel.

Tackling stain removal

When you love an item of clothing it is sad to ruin it with a stain. Luckily a few stain removal tips can generally sort out all manner of sins.

The important thing here is to act fast and respond appropriately. With most fabrics, you’ll want to pat at the stain with lukewarm water before applying a specialist stain removal product. The last stage is usually to put it in the machine for a full wash on a normal cycle.

Some sturdier fabrics like leather can be rubbed directly with stain removal products while hanging denim in the bathroom before you shower can sometimes help steam out a stain (or a particularly stubborn crease).

Taking care of your wardrobe

These are just a few tips for looking after your favourite clothes. It might not seem exciting, but doing it properly will keep your clothes looking better for longer and mean you’ll always feel fashion fabulous. Take time to buy, wash and dry your clothes properly and always take care with stain removal techniques to enjoy having a fashion-forward wardrobe that lasts and lasts.


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