Using daily contact lenses

There are a huge range of contact lenses available today available from your contact lens retailer, and this vast array means that there are more people being able to use them than ever before. Whether you want soft, hard, gas permeable or even toric lenses, you can get them easy enough and they have been a source of liberation for millions of fashion conscious glasses wearers in the UK. There is one golden rule of contact lenses, and that is you only wear them for the designated period of time, and this is just one of the reasons for the surge in popularity of daily contact lenses.

Daily contact lenses, or dailies, do what they say on the tin, you wear them for one day only then throw them away. They are effectively disposable lenses, and are immensely popular amongst those who cannot be bothered with all the care and cleaning that is part and parcel of having regular lenses. There are many websites dedicated to the sale of daily contact lenses, and one of their mantras in that ‘your eyes have rights’, in the context of they deserve only the best, and for many these are dailies.

Dailies are geared towards offering exceptional levels of both comfort and eye health, and you can get them with a unique moisturising function that keeps, at all times, the surface of the lenses both clean and wet. This inbuilt moisturising agent harnesses the power of the user blinking to release the moisturising agent in the film, which as well as keeping they eye lubricated also greatly assists in keeping the lens in its optimum position, which eliminates the inconsistent vision that comes with lenses that move.

Even those who suffer from the eye disorder known as astigmatism, which makes it difficult for the sufferer to focus properly, can wear daily contact lenses. These toric dailies are heralded as one of the best remedies for this most erratic of vision impairments, and the consistent and vivid vision achieved with toric contact lenses is nothing short of miraculous.

The same goes for those who suffer from the other common problem known as presbyopia, the inability to focus on an object close up. Daily progressives are the lenses prescribed for this particular problem, and rid the sufferer of the need to wear thick glasses and bifocals, giving them the freedom to enjoy reading, using a computer, cooking and driving without the usual downsides of wearing glasses such as misting up.


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