Colgate Total Competition – Win a Mini Cooper Roadster

Colgate Total is widely regarded as the best all round toothpaste on the market, and their intensive research and extensive advertising has created a product that is so good for your teeth that many dentists recommend it. As well as whitening and cleaning, Colgate Total removes the millions of bacteria that you can’t even see, effectively giving your mouth total care.

Colgate have just launched a fantastic competition where a lucky winner can drive away in a brand new Mini Cooper Roadster, with a year’s supply of Colgate Total in the boot. A fun video has been released to tie in with the competition which, as you would expect from a brand of Colgate’s standing, is great fun to watch and gets the message across.

We see a couple lying in bed in the morning, and the fellow, Jack, wakes first. We are told that he doesn’t use Colgate Total so millions of bacteria have built up overnight in his mouth. He kisses Kate goodbye and leaves for work. Kate’s alarm then goes off and she wakes up, to a note from Jack saying her birthday present is downstairs, but no peeking.

Kate cleans her teeth with Colgate Total, and we see her leaving the house for work. To see the rest of Kate’s day you have to follow the link at the end of the video, but it is so intriguing it’s hard to imagine anyone not going to see what happens next and, of course, finding out what that mystery present is.


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