Colouring Your Hair Blonde – The Right Methods

We all want to look attractive and the colour of the hair is very important in this regard. Improving your look can also be done in other ways, such by changing your clothing style of by doing an ear piercing. You don’t need costly procedures such as plastic surgery to look good, as a few artifices will do. Changing your hair colour is one of them and a common option is blonde.

In order to have a gorgeous look, you should ensure dyeing with a colour that complements your skin tones. Skin tones are difficult to figure out by yourself, therefore it is better to ask a professional for help. We will present below a few ideas on how to dye your hair correctly according to the shades of your skin.

You may have a light skin tone and in that case you should choose a cool blond colour. Any ruddiness in the colouring of your skin will be counteracted by the cool tints. You need to decide from the beginning how far you want to go in terms of lightness, taking into account that as you go farther from the natural colour, you will need more maintenance for the roots of your hair. If your hair is dark and you decide to dye it blond, bleaching and toning will be required. Therefore, for darker hair the procedure is more expensive.

As for medium skin tints, they go well with the majority of blond hues. However, you should find the one that matches you best and it is better to ask a professional for advice. As you have this variety of options, you can choose to apply many colours to your hair for a more appealing look. Thus you could apply a base colour in a medium to light blond, a lighter colour for highlight and a darker one to low lights. Remember that subsequent to dyeing your hair, you need to properly upkeep it with hair products specially made for coloured hair, such as shampoo and conditioner.

For the dark skin shades, don’t give your blond colour yellow hues. Deep blond golden tints are the best option recommended for this type of skin. The tones that are too light don’t harmonize with you dark skin. But a solution could be to complement the colour by adding honey blond spots in the front and side parts of the hair, which will highlight your traits.

You can improve the style of your hair in a variety of ways. You may choose styles which are trendy or more classical, but in all cases the hairdressers London are ready to assist you get the beautiful look you want.


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