Reebok Easytone trainers – a workout in style

Kelly Brook easytoneFitness for women has become fun again with Reebok Easytone. Picking up from where they left off in the 1980’s when Reebok was the brand of choice for all Flashdance wannabes, the new models combine style and comfort and offer the perfect way to shape the legs and bottom without the effort of getting to the gym.

Inspired by balance ball technology, Reebok have created instability pods in the soles of the shoes which increase muscle activity in the legs providing a targeted extra burn to the bottom, hamstrings and calves increasing the workout value considerably. Most women would agree that their bottoms would benefit from 28% more toning.

Reebok Easytone trainers provide a workout with style, with some of the biggest names already incorporating the shoes into their workout programmes, Reebok have taken an active role in keeping the nations hotties shapely. Both Kelly Brook and recently crowned Miss Scotland Katharine Brown have adopted EasyTones for their workout routines to help keep their legs and bums in perfect shape.

If you already have a workout routine, you could be getting a whole lot more burn for your buck, however for anyone still contemplating starting up a fitness programme they provide the perfect way to get started and to maximise toning in time for summer. Sculpting the perfect lower body has never been easier.

However it’s not all about stylishly crafting buns of steel, as in creating the perfect exercise shoe Reebok have taken comfort to a whole new level. Extra padding in the sole and a unique anti-blister seamless Smootfit inner make these trainers one of the most comfortable models on the market.

The fitness fanatics shoe of choice; for style, comfort and increasing the value of exercise the EasyTone is the must have fitness footwear for 2010 and is the first step towards a better body and a better you.


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