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How many of you were aware until you actually checked the date and found that it was the 29th February that 2012 was actually a leap year. The answer to this is not many, judging by the missed dental, doctor and other appointments that were missed across the UK due to the general mix ups over dates. One of the ancient traditions attached to a leap year is that a woman can propose to their beau on this extra day, and one car company have used this as a great campaign for their new model.

The new Renault Twingo is a great new city car that bright, colourful and loads of fun. They have tapped into the old tradition of proposal and have released a video to show the story of a couple who they invited to the St James hotel in London in order to let Jane utter the four most important words of her life to James, her ‘partner’ of 5 years.

She reveals that they have known each other since they were at school, that he was her first kiss but they had never officially dated, but they have grown close over the past 5 years, and when she holds his hand she gets a strong feeling that it is ‘meant to be’.

What neither of them realise it that they are in with the chance of also walking away with a brand new Twingo. The video starts with the host telling us of the plan, then we meet Jane who tells us the story of her and James. She reveals the reasoning behind why this is such as important year for both of them, and James in particular has had a rough ride recently and she feels that the time is right.

Jane adds that James has no idea of what is in store, and that he will be fascinated with the architecture around them and telling her fascinating facts. The scene then shift to the couple on a rooftop taking pictures when Jane ‘finds’ a megaphone. She tells James of a theory that if you shout at people using one they will take notice. She shouts for everyone to stand in a line, we then see a staircase with people on it. She tells them to turn round and their t-shirts spell out Tim will you marry me?

He accepts and there are tears of joys all around on what James calls the best day ever. They are sitting afterwards with the host, who tells them as an extra congratulations they have won a new car, and hands her the keys of a brand new Renault Twingo.  This is a great video recording a life changing event for one couple, and emphasising just what a great little car  the Twingo really is.


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